David Yearwood - holds a BA in Music from the University of Illinois, is a Certified Iyengar Yoga Instructor and co-owner of Portland Yoga Studio. David fell in love with Kirtan's ability to merge devotional and meditative principles of music and yoga, and is grateful for the many evenings of peaceful and harmonious community it has brought him. His love for kirtan and songwriting are sweetly evident in the arrangements he creates and the energy he embodies at every Kirtonium event! He aspires that through the framework of an evening's Kirtan all who join may find an opportunity to experience the many beauties of harmony, resonance, and rhythm, the clarity that evolves from meaning, and the infinite within, exposed through silence.!

Parks McKinney is a singer, a dancer, an improv artist, -a dreamer a wisher a liar  a hoper a pray-er  a magic-bean-buyer-  Her day job is as owner/operator of Parks McKinney Facials & Waxing. Parks has been adoring Kirtan since about 2003 and Song for eternity. Parks spent 8+ beautiful years singing with the wimin's accapella ensemble, Full Circle based in Yarmouth, Maine. She credits Kirtan with assisting her through some of her most trying moments and bringing her to some of her most blissfull. She is thrilled beyond measure to share with all who participate in the rich experence that is kirtan!

Todd Glacy is a multi-talented musician, interfaith minister and entrepreneur. To find out more go to sacredsoundandrythm.com. In Todd's  words: My life-long musical journey has been and continues to be a constant source of information, inspiration, creation, and personal growth/guidance that has helped keep me focused on a creative and spiritual path for many years. The trance-formative ability of music to put me in a state of magical awareness where time and space and ego-self seem to disappear (often referred to by musicians and meditators as "The Zone"). I consider myself fortunate to be involved in the Southern Maine spiritual, musical and yoga communities which offer me many opportunities to share the experience of being in "The Zone" with others through "Sacred Sound & Rhythm" which includes community drumming, gong meditations, and Kirtan! All of these musical forms of practice and expression help bring people together in a place of peace, connection and creativity which is mystical, magical and a blessing to be a part of. Namaste'

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