What is kirtan?


Kirtan is call-and-response chanting performed in India's devotional traditions. It is a  fusion of meditation, mantra and song. Primarily the words are various names for and aspects of the divine. Repetition of these names through Kirtan is a way of connecting to our source and of embodying this divine energy. It is a place to touch that profound idea that God abides in you, as you.


Do I have to be a singer? A Musician?


No Way! Though Kirtonium's musical aim is partly to make beautiful music, kirtan is a spiritual practice first and foremost, meant to bring the participants to that special state of bliss that mantra does, no matter what the sound. In fact, it is the silence between the songs that is the sweet spot! At Kirtonium you may feel free to be discordant, arrhythmic, off kilter. No matter,  we'll find ourselves in perfect harmony!


Can children come to kirtan????


YES! Since this is a deeply spiritual practice for many  who attend We ask that all kids be able to sit quietly between songs and the quieter chants so as not to disturb the space and practice of others.We provide instruments for the kids and ask that they not bring their own, as some instruments can be distracting  and difficult to meld with the band. We encourage kids (and adults) to dance and try to designate dancing space in the back.


Do I have to be religious?


Absolutely not. We espouse no particular religion in kirtonium and invite all who wish to experience any aspect of kirtan's gifts to participate regardless of beliefe system. Our hearts will simply resonate with the power of song and the reverberations of spirit in our voices and our rhythms.